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Philgeps Posting

  • TUP Manila PhilGEPS Posting
    1. Procurement of Mechatronics Laboratory Trainer
    2. Purchase of Air-Conditioning Units 2019
    3. Subscription of Professional Journals
    4. Purchase of Dental Equipment
    5. Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicator
    6. Purchase of Library Books 2019
    7. Procurement of Industrial Electronics Laboratory Equipment Repost
    8. Procurement of Electrical Laboratory Equipment
    9. Upgrading of Engineering, Technology, Science Laboratories Equipment & Room Facilities Improvement (Procurement of Electronics Laboratory Trainer)
    10. Purchase of Laboratory Equipment(Chemistry Laboratory Equipment)
    11. Procurement of Toners and Free Use of Printers
    12. Procurement of Electronics Laboratory Equipment for COE
    13. Acquisition, Establishment and Installation of 30-Seater Multimedia Speech Laboratory
    14. Procurement of College of Science Chemistry Laboratory Equipment(25M) Repost
    15. Procurement of Computer Sets and OPAC Stations
    16. Procurement of Digital Printing Machine
    17. Procurement of Laboratory Equipment for COS
    18. Procurement of Laboratory Equipment for FAT
    19. Procurement of Library Books
    20. Procurement of Various Laboratory Equipment for CIT
    21. Procurement of Yearbook 2016
    22. Janitorial Services 2016
    23. Security Services 2016
    24. Various Infrastructure Projects
    25. Acquisition of Instrumentation and Control Laboratory Equipment for Electrical Engineering Department