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  1. Foreign students wishing to study must submit the following documents for evaluation in the respective college:
    • For undergraduate courses - high school records and diploma
    • For graduate level - transcript of records and diploma in college
  2. After a successful evaluation, the applicant may take the entrance examination and pay the required application fee. A passing entrance test will earn the applicant a notice of acceptance.
  3. The applicant is then required to prepare the necessary documents for the issuance of a 9F Student Visa from the applicant's country of origin.
  4. Upon the issuance of a student visa, the applicant must report to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for assistance in the processing of the applicant's papers with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.
  5. If necessary, a tutorial for English course may be arranged for the applicant.
  6. Problems that may arise regarding the student's studies must be reported to the Foreign Student Adviser of the OSA.

Admission Requirements for Foreign Student Applicants

  1. Admission requirements for the program applied for
  2. To submit necessary documents for Student Visa/Visa Conversion:
    • Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student applicant's country of origin or legal residence;
    • A Notarized Affidavit of Support including bank statements, notarized notice of grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the student's accommodation and subsistence, as well as other school dues and other incidental expenses;
    • Photocopy of data page of the student's passport showing date and place of birth, and birth certificate or its equivalent duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post;
    • Duly authenticated police clearance

Baccalaureate USD$ 50.00
Master USD$ 75.00
Doctoral USD$ 100.00
FOREIGN STUDENT FEE (per semester)
Baccalaureate USD$ 250.00
Master USD$ 300.00
Doctoral USD$ 350.00
Baccalaureate Regular Program  
All subjects (per unit) PHP 150.00/unit
Laboratory/Shop subjects (per hour) 150.00/unit
Industry Based Program 150.00/unit
All subjects (per unit) 600.00/unit
All subjects (per unit) 700.00/unit
Developmental Fee PHP 700.00
Miscellaneous Fees  
Shop Fee 400.00
Lab Fee 400.00
SIT Fee 180.00
IT Fee 500.00
Medical/Dental Fee 300.00
Athletic Fee 150.00
Library Fee 300.00
Cultural Fee 90.00
Registration Fee 150.00
Student Privilege Fee 100.00
Insurance Fee 25.00
ID 400.00
NSTP/ROTC 450.00
Comprehensive Exam PHP 375.00 + USD$15.00
Thesis Writing 675.00/unit
Comprehensive Exam PHP 400.00 + USD$15.00
Dissertation Writing 850.00/unit