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Name Designation Telephone/Email
Prof. Cecilio B. Pingkian Director, Educational Resources Dev't. Services Email: erds@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Ronaldo A. Juanatas Director, Office of the Graduate Programs 5301.3047
Email: graduate@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Rosemarie Theresa M. Cruz University Registrar 5301.3040/5301.3041
Email: registrar@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Rosemarie Theresa M. Cruz Head, Admissions Office 5301.3042
Email: admissions@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Apollo P. Portez Director, Office of Student Affairs Loc. 606
Email: osa@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Enrico S. Lucena Head, Guidance Office Loc. 625
Email: guidance@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Ghazali Illuminada R. Sison Director, Academic Programs  
Dr. Kevien C. Dela Cruz Director, ETEEAP 35301.3043
Email: eteeap@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Ghazali Illuminada R. Sison OIC, Industrial Relations and Job Replacement 5301.3046
Email: irjp@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Olga M. Ong Director, University Library & Learning Resources Loc. 601
Email: library@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Analiza S. Valenzuela Director, NSTP Loc. 706
Email: nstp@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Allan D. Soria Director, Sports Loc. 620
Email: sports@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Bernadette L. Alavazo Director, Cultural Affairs  
Dr. Margaret S. Aquino Director, Office of Alumni Relations Loc. 708
Email: alumni@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Elpidio S. Virrey OIC-Dean, College of Industrial Technology
and Adminstrator, TUP-Lopez Consortium, Lopez, Quezon
Loc. 201
Email: cit@tup.edu.ph
Engr. Nilo M. Arago Dean, College of Engineering Loc. 501
Email: coe@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Romeo S. Ebonite Dean, College of Industrial Education Loc. 306
Email: cie@tup.edu.ph
Dr. Hasmin T. Ignacio Dean, College of Science Loc. 608
Email: cos@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Elpidio T. Balais, Jr. Dean, College of Architecture & Fine Arts Loc. 301
Email: cafa@tup.edu.ph
Prof. Juvy V. Delmonte OIC, Office of the Dean, College of Liberal Arts