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  1. Secure Notice of Admission from the Office of the Admissions upon presentation of the following documents:
    • High School Card (Form 138) and Transcript of Records for transferees (Original)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character (Original)
    • Test Permit
  2. Report to the University Clinic and secure Medical Certificate.
  3. With your Notice of Admission and Medical Certificate, proceed to the Office of Admissions for profiling.
  4. Proceed to your course adviser for enlistment.
  5. Students availing scholarship, report to the Office of Student Affairs for scholarship notation.
  6. Proceed to the Accounting Office for assessment and secure registration form.
  7. Pay the assessed fees at the Cashier's Office.
  8. With your Registration Form, present original requirements stated in Step #1 to the Registrar's Office for confirmation.
  9. Proceed to the Office of Student Affairs for Identification (ID) Card processing.