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MOA signing between TUP and SHU-TE University

Posted on 01.24.2017 | By Prof. Elizabeth J. Galvez

TAIWAN - A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between the Technological University of the Philippines, and Shu-Te University, Taiwan last January 12, 2017. The signing was represented by Dr. Adora S. Pili, TUP President and Mr. Ching-Yaw Chen, Vice President and incoming President of Shu-te University. It took place at the Office of the President, National Kaoshiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan.

Dr. Adora S. Pili, TUP President and Mr. Ching-Yaw Chen, Vice President and incoming President, Shu-te University in the signing MOA between TUP and Shu-te University, Taiwan.

In the MOA, both Universities agreed to develop academic and educational cooperation and promote mutual understanding between them. The agreement encompassed activities such as : exchange of faculty, researchers and administrative staff; exchange of students; conduct of collaborative research projects; conduct of lectures and symposia; exchange of academic information and materials; development of university/city-towns entrepreneurship networking partnership to uplift regional human capital; and promotion of other academic cooperation as mutually agreed.

Witnesses to the signing are the other officials of TUP and Shu-Te University, (from left) Dr. Dionisio A. Espression, Jr., Vice President for Academic Affairs; Engr. Felipe Ronald M. Aragamosa, Vice President for Research and Extension; Dr. Pili and Dr. Ching-Yaw Chen; Mr. Alan D. Yein, Vice President, Shu-Te University; and Dr. Gina L. Basa, Director, International-Institutional Linkage External Affairs, TUP.

The Memorandum is valid for five years, but can be renewed contingent on the need to continue the partnership between the two Universities.

MOA Signing Ceremony.