TUP receives donations from TDK-Lambda, Singapore

Posted on 12.09.2016 | By Prof. Elizabeth J. Galvez
MANILA – (From left) Engr. Nilo M. Arago, College Secretary, College of Engineering, Engr. Benedicto N. Fortaleza, Dean College of Engineering, TDF-Lambda, Singapore Representative, TUP President, Dr.Adora S. Pili, Engr. Jessica S. Velasco, Head, ECE Department and Engr. Lean Karlo S. Tolentino, faculty member, College of Engineering (COE).

The Technological University of the Philippines received power supply products donation from TDK-Lambda Singapore, an established power supply maker (SPMS) in Japan. With the primary aim to introduce their products to the Philippines, TDK-Lambda considered it sensible to donate some of their products to educational institutions and one of them was TUP, which is an established technology institution with engineering courses. No less than the TUP President Dr.Adora S. Pili led the signing of the Deed of Donation to facilitate the provision of the donated products. At present, the donated power supply products are being fully utilized by the Electrical/Electronics engineering students of the College of Engineering.