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Academic Consolidation Week (ACW)

Academic Consolidation Week (ACW)

On November 23 to 29, 2020, the University in all Campuses and units shall have the Academic Consolidation Week, hereinafter referred to as ACW.  The ACW shall be held in order to consolidate the events and activities in relation to the online classes which the University has adopted and has undertaken since the start of the school year, subject to the following parameters:

1.  The ACW shall not be a temporary cessation of the academic activities of the University, but rather to allow the academe to conduct the learning processes through consultations.  In this mode, the conduct of online classes shall be temporarily replaced by other means of communication such as by email, Viber, messaging, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, phone calls and other similar modalities.  Thus, the faculty members and students will have greater flexibility in undertaking the learning process.  Thus, faculty members shall continue to be paid their overload during the ACW;

2.   The ACW shall be held to allow the consolidation of the learning activities during the online mode.  Faculty members shall use the period to allow students to catch up with the requirements of the class, to check papers, to update their class records, to give time to the students to review the lessons so far discussed, to consult with the students to remedy their difficulties, and to perform other similar academic activities; and

3.   The activities during the ACW shall be monitored by the Deans, Department Heads, and the ADAA in the Campuses.

For your guidance and compliance.