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More New Drinking Fountains

More New Drinking Fountains

This morning, Vice President Ric De Lumen and I inspected the newly installed drinking fountains in the campus. They provide safe, purified cool drinking water. 

The drinking fountains will require maintenance for the periodic replacement of the filters. Like all appliances such aircons and refrigerators, they will need replacement after a few years. Meanwhile, enjoy them and please take care of them. 

And bring your tumblers. If TUP will play an important role for the world, it would be best to start here, right now, by doing our part in the conservation of our environment. 

Do it for your future children and grandchildren. 

At wag na tayong magkakalat! Kahit maliit na bagay lang ito, makakatulong ng malaki para sa environment, at sa future ng magiging mga anak nyo at mga apo.