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Ferdinand Doctolero, the CAFA students, and their Trash Can Art

Ferdinand Doctolero, the CAFA students, and their Trash Can Art

Deployed in many places in the TUP-Manila Campus are the recycled aircon cases turned into unique trashcans by Fel Escribe and company of the fabrication unit. Later, Mr. Ferdinand Doctolero and the CAFA students turned them into works of art. But who is Ferdinand Doctolero? 

According to http://www.gallerybig.com, 

"F.R. Doctolero, an award winning Filipino visual artist, painter, graphic designer and illustrator who is currently a faculty member of the Technological University of the Philippines, College of Architecture and Fine Arts. 

It is indeed. F.R. Doctolero captures life's dynamism, and makes it lively and enjoyable. He holds it alive between his grounds and his paints. He uses acrylic and charcoal pencil as a medium on canvas. 

Ferdinand R. Doctolero attended College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, in Quezon City. His art has been showcased in group exhibits since 1978 and through solo exhibits since 1990 at the Kulay-Diwa Galleries, Art and Associate Gallery, Albert Avellana Gallery, Arias, Crucible Galleries and Gallerie Astra. His works are still being exhibited in permanent collections of banks, museums and as part of private collections. He used to work for the Metropolitan Museum of Manila as an exhibition and graphic designer. He also conducts art workshops for children. He is a member of U.P. Artist Circle and Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan. He also designs and illustrates Children's books and has worked with publishers like Adarna, Bookmark, Lampara, Tahanan, and Vibal Publishing. His art can be viewed at http://frdoctolero.blogspot.com" 

Some of his paintings are as follows:

'Where is my Appetizer' Oil on canvass

'A War on Red and Blue Corner' Oil on canvass


Now, Mr. Doctolero and the CAFA students offer us their beautiful art through the medium of the trash cans! According to Mr. Doctolero, when I asked him to explain the meaning of the project, he said: 

"The drawings using white outlines (Doctolero’s works himself) utilize the trash can art as a form of art. The theme used are mostly organic lines, shape of forms, and the lively cartoons of Larry Alcala, Kenkoy, and Jess Abrera. Some are made by CAFA students who express their ideas through modern graffiti-like subjects." 

Next time you look at these trash cans, you are looking at legitimate works of art. 

By the way, the paintings of Ferdinand Doctolero are being sold for at least PhP 100,000 to 120,000.