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So Long President Doring

So Long President Doring

I have known President Adora Pili since the time I was a member of the Search Committee for President of the Technological University of the Philippines in 2012. Doring was one of the candidates. She was one of the better candidates in that search process and we recommended her as the leading candidate. The TUP achieved a lot of milestones in during her term, despite the challenges she had to face. She was an honest administrator who gave her very best to her University. I have heard rumors that she was mortally ill, but she carried on with her tasks with the TUP even achieving a few things which made me envious when I was still President of the Rizal Technological University, such as perfecting that contract with the BCDA where the TUP was granted a 20-hectare property for development, the ISO 9001:2015 certification for the TUP, and the consistency with which the TUP achieved her high-level of performance in the licensure examinations. 

And all of those despite the challenges. 

To me she epitomizes one very important trait of a leader. It is COURAGE. 

So long Doring. Pahinga na.