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Grayhawk Ingenuity

Grayhawk Ingenuity

These Grayhawks are ingenious. 

After spending many hours poring over documents, making decisions, and signing papers, I decided to take a small break. As I looked out the window from the Board Room of the President's Office I saw some students milling around a strange-looking machine. It turns out to be an invention by these students which they call the AUTOMATED EMERGENCY FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT. They explained to me that this is a robot that will detect fire through the photons or light which the fire will emit. The robot will then get to work by approaching the source of the light and activate the fire extinguisher attached to it. 

I am sure I will see many more inventions like this in the months to come. Already, Dean Ben Fortaleza requested me to invite Secretary Fortunato Dela Pena in a proposed exhibit of student inventions this coming February, 2019 

I would like very much wish that this invention is patented and commercialized. 

The Grayhawks are Christian Abragante, Sameena Al Hasani. Alexander Braganza, Angelo Cunanan, Mark Wil De Andres, and Dhara Dianne Morcilla. They are all Electrical Engineering students.