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TUP For The World

Yesterday, October 24, 2018, exactly one month after I took my oath as President of the Technological University of the Philippines, I attended the ceremony for the ISO 9001:2015 awarding to TUP-Taguig. But before the actual ceremony, I had time to go around in the campus. The janitors were busy sweeping the leaves from the trees. The campus has a lot of trees which gives you the feeling that you are not in a crowded city but somewhere in a far provincial state college. Students are few. I miss the very busy and lively RTU Quadrangle during a perfect afternoon. 

The Technological University of the Philippines lives up to its claim as the Premier Technological University. Topnotchers in board examinations are plentiful, and exceeding the national passing average is normal and seems to be no longer surprising. As a matter of fact, the TUP-Visayas Campus reported yesterday right after the program that 53 out of 53 of their students passed the Chemical Technology Board Exam, with 6 topnotchers, including the Number 1! 

In the pictures below, Dr. Selfa Briones, the Campus Director, and myself, receive the Certificate from the General Manager of TUV Sud 9001, Ms. Femelyn Lati.

The technological savvy and sophistication of TUP should be dedicated for the benefit of the human race, I told the audience in the program, comprised mostly of TUP employees and some students. Storms are becoming stronger, the ice shelfs of the Antartic and the Arctic are melting, the seas are rising, there is drought and floods where there have none before. Climate change is all too real, and we must accept it. 

Science and Technology brought us to this predicament. The use of fossil fuels, hydrocarbons, light pollution, the thousands of pieces of debris in our immediate outer space—all of these were brought to us by our own insensitivity and lack of concern for our world. 

Now, only Science and Technology can save us. Let the TUP contribute its share to the mitigation and even reversal of climate change. We have the skills and knowledge. We can do it. 

TUP For The World.