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The Technological University of the Philippines shall generate and disseminate quality research and development outputs in science, technology, and technical/technological education for agricultural, industrial and academic sectors in order to contribute substantially towards the attainment of the national development targets.


The University constituents undertake collaborative projects and studies in order to generate and disseminate quality research and development results in the science, technology and technology education priority areas for automation and mechanization of agricultural systems, modernization of small-to-medium-scale industries, sustainability of desired quality of the environment, and productivity in higher education institutions. In the end, TUP hopes to contribute substantially to manpower and technology development required by an evolving knowledge-based economy in the Philippines.


  • To conduct basic and applied research in science and technology priority areas leading to new knowledge, products and processes;
  • To determine through research the requirements of higher education institutions for continued competitiveness in the face of evolving organization of production, and shifting requirements for employment and skills;
  • To study the impact of policies, practices, standards and technologies developed for the industries and higher education institutions in science and technology; and
  • To undertake studies for the improvement of the factors of development in the industries and higher education institutions in science and technology.


  • Promotion of Productivity and Competitiveness in Higher Education Institutions
  • Development of Cost-Effective Alternative Equipment for Institutions of Higher and Advanced Education in the Philippines
  • Development of Alternative Energy Technologies
  • Development of Alternative Equipment for the Metal Industry
  • Software and Hardware Development of IT Applications
  • Development of Cost-Effective Technologies for Waste Management
  • Development of Cost-Effective Structures for Rural and Urban Centers
  • System Development for the Manufacture of Emerging Food Products
  • Automation and Mechanization for Agricultural Productivity