• Classes and work of employees in TUP Manila are suspended on January 9, 2019 in view of the Traslacion of the Black Nazarene.

Rules and Regulations

A. Authorized Library Users
  1. All bonafide TUP System students
    • Validated Student ID
  2. TUP administrators, faculty and staff
    • School I.D.
  3. TUP Alumni with Valid Alumni I.D.
  4. Outside Researchers
    • School I.D. and referral letter from the school of origin and payment of ₱100.00 per visit at the cashiers office.
B. Entering and Leaving the Library

All library patrons must present their validated ID and present their control number when leaving the library.

C. Borrowing Privileges and Procedures

Library patrons are allowed to borrow:

  • General Circulation Books
    1. Two (2) books at a time for photocopy for not more than thirty (30) minutes.
    2. One (1) book for overnight loan from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and must be returned on or before 9:00 a.m. the following day. Failure to return the book on the expected due date will be fined Php20.00 per day.
  • Fiction Books
    a. One (1) fiction book can be borrowed for one (1) week.
  1. The Librarian has the right to recall all loaned books even before due date or any materials being used in cases of very urgent need.
  2. Faculty and staff of the University must return all loaned books on or before the end of the school year for inventory and for library clearance purposes.
  3. Filipiniana/General Reference/Special Collections/Periodicals/Books with only one copy are for Room Use Only but photocopying is allowed.
  4. Unpublished materials like Theses/Dissertations/Special Projects (only abstract can be photocopied) and Archives and Rare Books are for ROOM USE ONLY.
D. Borrowing Procedures
  1. Validated ID must be presented.
  2. The Borrower is requested to sign their names on the book card legibly and leave it at the counter.
  3. The Borrower is expected to return the book on the specified due date.
E. Fees and Penalties
  1. Outside Researcher - ₱100.00/head for every visit.
  2. Overdue Book - ₱20.00/day (Fraction of the day is considered one whole day.)
  3. Lost Books - Pay the processing fee of Php100.00 and current prevailing price of the book to be determined by the Library and Procurement Office.
  4. Notice of Overdue Books to faculty and staff will be sent prior to the end of the term.
  5. Students with unsettled overdue book will be reported to the Registrar's Office and Office of Student Affairs.
F. Lost/Damaged Library Materials
  1. Lost book must be reported immediately to avoid accumulation of fines.
  2. Lost book and/or books with missing/torn pages must be replaced with the latest edition of the same title not later than one (1) month after the librarian has been notified of the same case.
G. Referral Letter
  1. Referral letter must be requested a day before the date of research.
  2. Present valid ID and accomplish the request form.
H. Library Clearance
  1. Clearance will not be signed to library users whose library records are not cleared by the end of each semester/summer.
  2. All records of faculty members and staff are to be cleared at the end of the semester.
I. Proper Conduct in the Library

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • Eating, drinking, smoking and sleeping
  • Talking loudly, watching porn movies
  • Doing artwork/large drawing plates
  • Littering/loitering
  • Public display of affection (PDA)
  • Playing online game in cell phone and other gadgets.
  1. Library users are requested to present their validated ID at all times when entering the library premise.
  2. Silence must be observed and cellular phones must be in silent mode.
  3. Proper dress code must be observed.
  4. Valuable things, must be brought inside the library, the librarian is not responsible in case of loses.
  5. Personal laptops may be brought inside the library provided that they are fullu charged.
  6. Any violation on these policies will be entitled for disciplinary action (Example: Community Service for a minimum of 15-120 hours.
J. Policies on the Use of the Internet
  1. The use of the internet facilities shall be limited to searching for information pertinent to curricular offerings.
  2. Access to the internet is first come, first serve basis. One hour is allotted per student per day.
  3. All bags and other personal materials must be deposited at the baggage area.
  4. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the internet workstation area.
  5. Opening of websites that contains pornographic materials, and playing computer games & chatting on social media is strictly prohibited.
  6. Typing of documents is also prohibited.
  7. Only one person is allowed per computer in the internet workstation.