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Estimated Tuition Fees for Incoming Freshmen Students, SY 2012-2013

Course Course Code Number of Units Amount (in PhP)
College of Industrial Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology MET -- 9,045.00
Automotive Engineering Technology AET -- 9,045.00
Civil Engineering Technology CET -- 9,495.00
Computer Engineering Technology COET 28 units 9,495.00
Graphic Arts and Printing Technology GAPT 25 units 9,045.00
Electrical Engineering Technology EET 25 units 9,045.00
Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology ECET 28 units 9,495.00
Electronics Engineering Technology ESET 28 units 9,495.00
Nutrition and Food Technology NFT 27 units 9,045.00
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology RACET 28 units 9,495.00
BS Food Technology BSFT 23 units 7,845.00
Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology ICET -- 9,495.00
College of Engineering
BS Electronics Engineering BSESE 30 units 9,495.00
BS Mechanical Engineering BSME 26 units 8,195.00
BS Civil Engineering BSCE 27 units 9,045.00
BS Electrical Engineering BSEE 27 units 9,045.00
College of Science
BS Computer Science BSCS 26 units 7,695.00
BS Information Technology BSIT 25 units 7,545.00
BS Environmental Science BSES 23 units 6,845.00
College of Liberal Arts
BS Entrepreneurial Management BSENM 26 units 6,295.00
College of Architecture and Fine Arts
Graphics Technology/Architecture Technology AT/GT 28 units 9,195.00
BS Architecture BSA 28 units 8,195.00
Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA 25 units 6,695.00
Product Design and Development Technology PDDT 27 units 8,945.00
College of Industrial Education
BSIE major in Computer Education BSIE-COMED 26 units 8,895.00
BSIE major in Art Education BSIE-AE 26 units 8,895.00
BSIE major in Home Economics BSIE-HE 26 units 8,895.00
The amount per course may be different from the actual fees that may be paid by the students.