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Message from the President

(Message of TUP President, Dr.Adora S. Pili in the 39th Foundation Anniversary Celebration of TUP Visayas held on March 4, 2016 in the TUP Visayas campus.)
Today, I take pride and pleasure in joining the diligent men and women of TUP Visayas Campus in celebratingits 39th Foundation Anniversary. This very special and significant day is marked with the theme, “One Vision, One Identity, One Community in Continuing its Journey to Higher Grounds.” A theme that is so significant because it bespeaks of the lofty commitment of the officials, faculty members and staff of the campus to move in harmony so as to pursue and preserve the legacy earned by the TUP Visayas campus and the system as a whole in the field of technology education.

True, indeed, TUPV has every reason to celebrate in this momentous event. Each year that passes is an added feather in its achievements’ cap. Three decades and more in the existence of this campus, speak eloquently of its enduring legacy through the years. For what has begun as the Visayas Technician Institute in 1972, it was renamed as the TUP Visayas (TUPV) campus in January, 1985. From then on, the campus has transformed itself into an excellent and top provider of technology and engineering education in the country, producing top notch passers in the Professional Licensure Examinations. Though,it has also its fair share of difficulties,the many professionals and scholars it has produced far outweighed the challenges of the times and made all the efforts exerted to hurdle them.

The road to higher grounds is truly complicated, but I am very sure that with the consistent dedication of the constituents of TUP Visayas to do better, perform even more exceptionally and achieve greatly in pursuit of the campus’ vision and mission and equally that of the University’s, the travel to suchroad can become easier. On this context, I wish to take this opportunity to commend the dedicated and committed constituents of TUPV, who,through thick and thins of the times have shown a great deal of perseverance to make countless contributions to bring the campus where it is now. Through your hard work, you have created a learning campus that can generate technologically erudite society. You are a survivor at all times and therefore, you have proven yourself worthy of recognitions and accolades. The achievements you have realized are remarkable. I’m deeply gratified to have the opportunity to serve with you.

Finally, let your journey with TUPV be everyone’s journey with the TUP system as one whole community. Let us hold hands together as we move on forward, onward and upward to higher grounds.

Above all these, I am extending my heartfelt congratulations to one and all at TUPV for this historical celebration. Let us thank the Lord for this great opportunity.
Dr. Adora S. Pili
President, TUP