• Classes and work of employees in TUP Manila are suspended on January 9, 2019 in view of the Traslacion of the Black Nazarene.

Welcome to TUP Cavite!

Campus Director

Message from the Director

Warm greetings to all!

I am honored to have been designated as the new Campus Director of TUP Cavite. This response to the call to lead the Campus is a selfless deed seeing that good teachers should go out of their comfort zone and face new challenges.

My advocacies sprang from deeply held conviction that if we work together we can make a difference on the lives of our students. I am profoundly conscious of my mandate to advance and protect the interest of all stakeholders and cultivate a strong sense of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork between and among the faculty and staff and students in order for the Campus to achieve its goals and objectives.

I am proud to be part of a community inhabited by men and women of learning, culture, vision and honor chosen on the basis of character, achievement, intellect and the passion to public service. With a year to head the Campus, I do hope that altogether, we can continue to move TUP Cavite along the path of excellence and eventually transform it into an academically competitive, vibrant and dynamic Campus.

I look forward to traveling down this exciting path with you - faculty, staff and students of TUP Cavite.

Campus Director


School Year 2015-2016
Month Date Batch Number
January 25 1st Batch
February 15 2nd Batch
March 22 3rd Batch
April 18 4th Batch