School Year 2012-2013

Month Date Department/Unit Activity
June 11 Academic/Admin Academic/Admin Forum
  13 IE Orientation of freshmen and transferees Part 3
  18-29 IE Placement of Practice Teachers
July 2 OSA Accreditation of different clubs and organizations
    DPECS Cavite Schools Cultural and Athletic Association (CAVSCAA)
August 16-17 Liberal Arts Buwan ng Wika Celebration
September 21 Liberal Arts/IT Educational Field Trip
    Academic/Admin Civil Service Week
    Medical and Dental Clinic Medical and Dental Mission
October 14 Engineering Educational Field Trip
  21-23 SIT Endorsement/Recommendation
November 16 Liberal Arts English Day (Elecution Contest)
  16-30 IE Placement of Practice Teachers
  21-23 IE Educational Field Trip
  29 Math and Sciences Math and Science Quiz Bee
    Guidance Career Talk
December   Campus Christmas Party
January 25 English, Math and Science Educational Field Trip
    Guidance Career Talk
February 11-15 DPECS Sportfest and Cultural Presentation
  14 DPECS TUP Campus Foundation
  16 NSTP NSTP Day
March 21 OSA Recognition Day (Baccalaureate)
    IE/Research and Extension Selection of Best Teaching Demonstration/Best Researcher
April 1-2 SIT Enrollment
  2-3 SIT Endorsement/Recommendation
  4 to Oct 2013 SIT Monitoring/Submission of Grades
May 22-24 Guidance Office Orientation of Freshmen, Transferees and Parents of SY 2013-2014

Enrollment Schedule: Second Semester, School Year 2012-2013

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