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Frequently Asked Questions on Free Tuition Program 2017

Posted on 05.26.2017
Who will benefit from the Free Tuition Program?

All students studying in State Universities and Colleges nationwide will benefit from this program. StuFAP beneficiaries will be the first ones to benefit. StuFAP beneficiaries who receive P15,000 or below shall be included in the program. The tuition of those who are getting more than P15,000 will still be charged against their existing StuFAP.

What about those who are not StuFAP beneficiaries?

Non-StuFAP beneficiaries can still be covered by the Free Tuition Program as long as the SUC still has remaining budget. For non-StuFAP beneficiaries, the students will be prioritized according to their economic status.

How can a student apply for the Free Tuition Program?

The existing enrollment procedures of the SUCs shall be observed. This means that students will have to go through the SUC's assessment process to find out if they can be accepted into the program/course they have chosen. Once a student is accepted by the SUC, his/her tuition fee is free for the year.

What documents should a student submit to avail of the free tuition benefit?

If a student (or his/her family) is part of the government's list (Listahanan 2.0 and 4Ps), the student is then automatically included in the program. The following documents should be submitted:

  1. Forms of identification usually accepted by the SUC;
  2. Completed registration forms; and
  3. 4Ps identification card of the household member grantee, if applicable.

However, students who are not part of the Listahanan 2.0 will have to submit additional documents as proof of income: (like their parents' Income Tax Return, Barangay Certificate of Indigency, and other documents that would indicate the income earnings of family members who would be responsible for financing the student's cost of education).

Will the tuition fee continue to be free until a student finishes college?

The Free Tuition Program of 2017 will only be implemented for Academic Year 2017-2018.

Will those students enjoying free tuition still have to pay miscellaneous and other school fees?

The SUCs cannot collect tuition fee. Instead of paying tuition, the SUC shall charge the tuition of the students to the Higher Education Support Fund. However, other outstanding fees, which includes miscellaneous and other school fees due to the SUCs, can be collected from the students.

Is the tuition free for all schools nationwide?

The Free Tuition 2017 covers only State Universities and does not include private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

How many students will benefit from this program?

It depends on the number of enrollees, the capacity of the school and the budget allotted for the SUC.