TUP Centralized Entrance Test Results

The Official List of Qualified Freshmen Applicants for the TUP Manila campus are posted at the Lobby of the Arts and Sciences Bldg.

The TUP Centralized Entrance Test Results allows freshmen applicants to verify the results of entrance examinations conducted in Manila and Taguig campuses only. Our database include applicants who passed the examinations and applicants who qualified in their second choice courses.

To check if you pass the TUP Freshmen Entrance Examination, please complete the form by indicating the following information: the campus you applied in, date of examination, and your first and last names.

For accurate results, you may enter the first two letters of your first and last names.
Example: Your name is Ma Theresa R. De Vera. You may enter "Ma" for the First Name and "De" for the Last Name search fields, respectively.

Announcements! Schedule of Interview/Pre-Enrollment for Incoming Freshmen

First Batch November 23, 2013 April 13 (First Choice) / April 20 (Second Choice)
Second Batch January 26, 2014 April 7 (First Choice) / April 21 (Second Choice)
Third Batch February 23, 2014 April 10 (First Choice) / April 22 (Second Choice)
Fourth Batch March 22-23, 2014 April 28 (First Choice) / May 5 (Second Choice)
Fifth Batch April 26-27, & 30, 2014 May 20-21 (First Choice) / May 22-23 (Second Choice)

Reminder: Please report to the Admissions Office on the scheduled date. Failure to report means you are no longer interested to enrol in TUP and your slot will be replaced by the applicants in the waiting list.


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